Bookmarklet Download Method

Here’s another slick trick to download files from your STVs — including the STV1.  Open Ben Alman’s  Bookmarklet Generator in the browser you use for Simple.  Paste this code…

downloadURL=downloadURL.replace(regex, newURLsubstr);
var newWin = open(downloadURL,’windowName’,’height=300,width=300′);
download_html=”<a download=\”video.mp4\” href=\”” + downloadURL + “\”>Download Video File”;

into the box at the bottom of the page and click the generate button.  Left click down on the RunjQueryCode button and drag it to your bookmarks bar.

Open a in a browser tab.  Navigate to My Shows and start a show.  Click the RunjQueryCode bookmark.  A window will pop up with a ‘Download Video File’ link.  Right click this link and select ‘Save Link As’ from the popup menu.  Navigate to your downloads directory and save your file with any name you choose as long as it has the extension .MP4.

That’s it!


By Len Mullen

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