Simple TV DVR owner tdickman has crafted a python script that copies files from the Simple TV DVR’s USB disk to a personal computer.  The files are saved a MP4 files that can be streamed via Plex or played directly on a PC.  This is a work in progress, but work has progressed to the point that I encourage you to take a look.  The project repository is…

The script is being discussed on the community…

The setup process is very simple.

Ubuntu (I don’t speak Ubuntu)

  1. Dependencies: sudo apt-get install python python-beautifulsoup python-requests git
  2. Run the following command:
  3. cd simple-tv-api
  4. python


  1. Install python: Download here, version 2.7.6 (not 3.3.3) should work, choose the msi installer, x86-64 if you have 64 bit.
  2. Download this and extract the .zip file. Open the resulting folder.
  3. Download this and place the contents ( and /requests) in the directory with .py files in step 2.
  4. Double click on

When you double click, you will be prompted for your email address associated and password used to logon to your Simple account.  Then the script will logon to the Simple DVR and list the shows on the disk.  Choose a show by entering the associated number.  The script will list all the episodes of the show.  Choose an episode by entering the associated number.  The episode will download into the folder you ran the download script from.  Once the download is complete, the script will close.  To download another episode, repeat this process.

If you are the only person with access to the computer you are running the script on, you may want to hard code your username and password.  Just right click and select edit with IDLE, then edit the lines that prompt for username and password as follows (add the red text, changing the email address and password)…

import getpass
import api
import sys
import urllib
username = "" #raw_input("Enter email: ")
password = "yourpassword" #getpass.getpass("Enter password: ")

Thank you tdickman!

By Len Mullen

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