Fixing Downloaded Files

Here is a tip for people who want to play Simple DVR recordings with a Roku or Chromecast without aid of a server program.  Install ffmpeg and run this script in the folder with your Simple DVR downloads…

REM Convert from mpeg stream to mp4, move the moov atom, and change the audio for chromecast
for %%i in (*.mp4) do (
move “%%i” tempfile.m4v
ffmpeg -i tempfile.m4v -vcodec copy -bsf:a aac_adtstoasc -acodec copy -movflags faststart “%%i”)
del tempfile.m4v

To run the script, create a text file in the folder with your Simple DVR downloads, paste the above text into the file, save the file, rename the file to fixmpegs.bat, and double click the file.  It will fix the files that can be fixed and delete the rest.

The original script and other helpful information can be found here.

By Len Mullen


Here’s another great utility for pulling media off your Simple TV DVR (V1).  Download the zip file, extract to a directory on your PC, and run \stvdownload-master\dist\windows\simpletv.exe.  Then…

  1. Enter your Simple Account’s User Name (email address) and Password
  2. Select Show, Episode, and Quality
  3. Click the Download button

Your files will be downloaded to \users\your_windows_username.

Project link…

By Len Mullen


Welcome to the Simple TV DVR for Dummies blog.  Now that there I know a little bit about these devices, I thought I would spin pertinent information off into a separate blog.  To get things started, I have reposted my review of the Simple TV DVR, a script that downloads media from the Simple TV DVR to a PC, and a list of disks I have tested with the Simple TV DVR.


By Len Mullen

Simple TV DVR

I had hoped to post a follow-up to my initial review of the Simple DVR within a few weeks, but, frankly, after two weeks my enthusiasm for the device was on the wane.  This morning, I awoke to a Roku channel update, a device update, and, finally, support for multiple DVRs on the same account.  The Simple V1 is far from perfect, but, once again, I am wildly enthusiastic about this whole house DVR.  And once again, you can Woot! this DVR plus a lifetime subscription to their Premier service for less than $100.  I recommend you get three!

The Simple.TV DVR is a whole house Tuner/DVR for broadcast television.  According to the manufacturer, “Simple.TV is the first personal DVR that streams live and recorded TV to your favorite devices, wherever you are. Get all your broadcast TV favorites on your iPad, PC, Mac or Roku box.”  It plugs in to your antenna, ethernet, and usb drive, but not your television.  To watch the Simple DVR on your television, you need a Roku.  Up to five devices can access live or recorded programming concurrently, but there is only one tuner, so all people watching live programming must watch the same channel.


What Does This Do?  In the most common configuration, you attach the DVR to your antenna and LAN and use a Roku to access the DVR from your television.  You can use the tuner to watch live television from your antenna or play files already stored on the DVR.  You can pause, rewind, or fast forward the programming, delete files from the DVR, and schedule recordings (one episode or all episodes) with the Roku.  If you have more than one DVR (I have four), you can switch from one DVR to another.

Remote access is excellent.  Image quality and buffer management are good enough to enjoy live and recorded programming via public wireless networks.  My mother can use my antenna to watch broadcast television via a Roku at her home which has poor reception.  There are iOS and Android apps for the Simple DVR.  I cannot speak for the iOS app, but the Android app is amazing.  I was able to side load it to a Fire HD and a Fire HDX and enjoy television on those tablets.

What Doesn’t This Do?  With the current software, you cannot watch the video as you rewind and fast forward and there is no slow motion or frame by frame review.  You cannot do time based recordings (record channel 38 from 3pm to 8pm weeknights).  I’d really like to see a ‘Play All’ and/or Play List option for recordings and it would be great if the Premier software managed all DVRs as one — choosing the next available tuner, showing all programs in a single browse window, etc.  Finally, and this is a big deal for me, it doesn’t work at all when you have no internet connection.  It will record scheduled shows, but you cannot watch live tv or your recordings.

This is NOT for cable TV.  While it tunes clear QAM, the cable companies are in the process of encrypting all channels.  Unless you have or plan to cut the cable, this is not the DVR for you.

A Poor Man’s TiVo  This isn’t a TiVo.  The TiVo provides more sophisticated search capability, a better rewind/fast forward experience, plus internet apps.  A lot of people are going to be very happy to buy a TiVo Premier, pay for the lifetime service, and watch television.  A two tuner Premier with 75 hours of storage will set you back $550.  If you want to share the two tuners with another room, you can buy a Tivo Mini ($250 with lifetime) and if you want to watch your Tivo away from home, you can add a Tivo Stream for $130.  So, living room, bedroom, remote use, with 75 hours of storage for $930.

Alternatively, one could purchase a pair of Simple DVRs ($185), a pair of usb disks ($200), and two Roku 1’s ($100) for $485.  This would give you two tuners, 800 hours of storage, remote access, plus thousands of streaming media channels for 1/2 the cost of a basic TiVo installation.

For the $930 you did not spend on a TiVo, you could purchase four Simple DVRs, four Rokus, a Channel Master DVR+ for the living room, and two years subscription to Netflix.

Support I have been very disappointed with Simple support.  The documentation is sparse, the support site is inaccurate, and email support is sporadic.  Worse, they don’t seem to know any more about the product than I do.  The best help has come from the user community.  I hope this changes.  It’s easy to see how nontechnical users could become frustrated.

Installation The setup process is very frustrating and almost counter intuitive.  You have to use specific browsers to configure the device.  I have used Chrome and Firefox.  Internet Explorer does not work.  It seems that security software can interfere with the process as well.  A lot of USB disks do not work with this DVR.    The documentation states that ‘virtually any’ USB disk will work, but that is not true.  Firmware only supports disks to 2t at this time.  Larger disks may format, but only to just over 2t.  Some disks will stop working after a couple days.  Attache these to a computer and they work fine.  Some disks won’t format at all.  Don’t count on the installation disk to let you know your disk is not compatible.  If the installation process detects an incompatible disk, it simply says there is no disk present.  Also, when you attach a compatible disk, it may not format unless you run the installation process from scratch.  Here is a list of disks I know to work with this DVR…

  • Iomega 1t (ldhd-up): formatted and performed perfectly. No issues to date.
  • Seagate 1t (9zc2ag-501): formatted and performed perfectly. No issues to date.
  • Western Digital 500g (WD5000H1U-00): formatted and performed perfectly. No issues to date.
  • Western Digital 2t (WDBFJK0020HBK-04): formatted and performed perfectly. No issues to date.

That 2t WD drive is routinely available at Staples for less than $100 and I recommend you go with that.  Mine has been working for more than a month and has recorded more than 200 programs.

You Will Love the Simple DVR If…

  • Your home is situated such that television signals come from multiple directions.  Instead of using a rotor or combiner, you can install one or more DVRs for each market and access the antennas via a Roku.
  • Your home is not pre-wired with coax.  Run coax from the antenna to your router and install the Simple DVR(s) next to the router.
  • You have to have a television where no one thought to install coax.  A Roku brings live tv to your remote television.
  • You want to watch tv by the pool or on the deck.  Simple can stream to a laptop, a tablet, or a wireless Roku by the pool.
  • Your remote vacation home does not have television but does have internet access.
  • You travel a lot and hate infomercials.
  • All your favorite shows air when you are at work.
By Len Mullen


Simple TV DVR owner tdickman has crafted a python script that copies files from the Simple TV DVR’s USB disk to a personal computer.  The files are saved a MP4 files that can be streamed via Plex or played directly on a PC.  This is a work in progress, but work has progressed to the point that I encourage you to take a look.  The project repository is…

The script is being discussed on the community…

The setup process is very simple.

Ubuntu (I don’t speak Ubuntu)

  1. Dependencies: sudo apt-get install python python-beautifulsoup python-requests git
  2. Run the following command:
  3. cd simple-tv-api
  4. python


  1. Install python: Download here, version 2.7.6 (not 3.3.3) should work, choose the msi installer, x86-64 if you have 64 bit.
  2. Download this and extract the .zip file. Open the resulting folder.
  3. Download this and place the contents ( and /requests) in the directory with .py files in step 2.
  4. Double click on

When you double click, you will be prompted for your email address associated and password used to logon to your Simple account.  Then the script will logon to the Simple DVR and list the shows on the disk.  Choose a show by entering the associated number.  The script will list all the episodes of the show.  Choose an episode by entering the associated number.  The episode will download into the folder you ran the download script from.  Once the download is complete, the script will close.  To download another episode, repeat this process.

If you are the only person with access to the computer you are running the script on, you may want to hard code your username and password.  Just right click and select edit with IDLE, then edit the lines that prompt for username and password as follows (add the red text, changing the email address and password)…

import getpass
import api
import sys
import urllib
username = "" #raw_input("Enter email: ")
password = "yourpassword" #getpass.getpass("Enter password: ")

Thank you tdickman!

By Len Mullen

Simple TV DVR Disk List

The Simple TV DVR manual states that ‘virtually any USB disk’ will work with the device.  The rest of us disagree.  Here is a list of disks I have used with the Simple TV DVR V1…

  • Iomega 1t (ldhd-up): formatted and performed perfectly. No issues to date.
  • Seagate 1t (9zc2ag-501): formatted and performed perfectly. No issues to date.
  • Western Digital 500g (WD5000H1U-00): formatted and performed perfectly. No issues to date.
  • Western Digital 2t (WDBFJK0020HBK-04): formatted and performed perfectly. No issues to date.

The Simple DVR (v1 at least) disk initialization script have really poor error checking and reporting.  For instance, the script may warn that no device was detected while telling you the make/model and free space of the undetected device.

If you are having problems initializing a disk, attach the disk to a PC and delete any partitions.  Do not partition the disk — let the script initialize the disk.  If you still cannot format the disk, initialize the DVR.

Here is a list of disks known to work with the Simple DVR v2…

  • Western Digital 4t (wdbfjk0040hbk-nesn): formatted and performed perfectly. No issues to date. (thanks JOH)
By Len Mullen